About Us

FED-SPECS began life as a small subsidiary operation of FastPoint Technologies, a manufacturer of computer input devices and graphics software.  Our color-standards business grew rapidly, and the division was spun off as a separate corporate entity in 2008 with a new name, FED-SPECS, Inc.

From day one, FED-SPECS has focused on color-reference standards, primarily the US Government’s FED-STD-595C, and more recently SAE’s AMS-STD-595A.

FED-STD-595C is an official US Government Standard, originally printed under the supervision of their General Services Administration ("GSA"), and now managed and distributed globally by FED-SPECS, Inc. It is still widely used in Government and Industry to specify colors and for color quality assurance, and FED-SPECS is dedicated to the long-term availability of the supporting materials for this important standard.

AMS-STD-595A is a different but similar standard, managed and trademarked by SAE International, a not-for-profit association focused on consensus standards-development and related activities.

Initially, FED-SPECS was a GSA reseller, accounting for 50% of their total FED-STD-595C sales.  GSA stopped distributing these materials in 2014, transferring their entire 30,000 pounds of inventory, along with customer records, to FED-SPECS, Inc.  We continue to offer GSA's full line of fan decks, chips, sets and specification documents, providing significant value-add, simple ordering, excellent product enhancements and world-class support.

More recently we began reselling SAE’s AMS-STD-595A color reference materials, again focusing on significant value-add and great customer support.  You can learn more about the relationship between the FEDERAL and SAE -595 standards here: <to be supplied>

Going forward, we will be broadening our offerings with related products, and we will be providing an expanding library of reference documentation.

Govt. contracting information:

CAGE Code:  4ZFC9
GSA Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): Y2FGA2F6FSU2
DUNS: 011372052