Shipping Info

FED-SPECS ships from Anaheim, California using FedEx exclusively.  We do not ship by UPS, USPS or DHL.

We partner closely with FedEx, having used them almost from their inception, when everything went through Memphis (even a package shipped to the same city), and when they had no Ground service.  We have stuck with them based on their competitive rates, excellent service, a track record of having literally never lost a single one of our shipments, and their automated creation of export documentation.  In short, FedEx has never any reason to leave.

We can ship on your FedEx account with a $5 service charge ($15 non-US), no problem.  That's an option during checkout; just be sure to provide a FedEx account number and the shipping-mode you desire (overnight, ground, etc.) in the provided box.  We are sorry for any inconvenience, but shipping on your UPS or DHL account or by USPS isn't an option.  If you provide a FedEx account number but no shipping mode, and we aren't able to reach you, we will either delay shipping by one day to further try reaching you, or we will ship by FedEx Ground.

By default, we are structured to ship all orders using FedEx, typically the same or next business day, and we don't have a "store" location to visit.  However, we can arrange for pickup at our facility in Anaheim if you have an urgent same-day requirement (select "will call" as the shipping method).  Note, we try to discourage this option -- FedEx Ground delivers overnight in the LA/Orange County area for roughly what you will spend on gas, and you won't spend a lot of time driving around.  Still, we understand there can be emergency same-day requirements, and we try to be accommodating.  Tick the will-call box if that's your situation, and we'll try to work something out.

From time to time customers in other countries ask us to help them reduce their import duties by declaring a reduced value on the Commercial Invoice, or even declaring an order is a "gift."  We're sorry, but that isn't an option.  It is a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which is a serious crime.

Please understand that the shipping charge on the invoice covers the FedEx charges for shipping from Anaheim to the destination address and for insurance.  On international orders, customs, taxes, duties, brokerage fees and the like are not included in our shipping charges and will be billed directly to the importer by FedEx.

If a transaction involves an export under the U.S. export regulations, the commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed under these terms and conditions of sale exported by FED-SPECS, Inc. were exported in accordance with such regulations. Diversion, use, export or re-export contrary to law is prohibited. The commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed under these terms and conditions of sale may not be exported or re-exported to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, North Korea or Syria or to entities and persons that are ineligible under the law to receive commodities, technology and/or software.

We have enabled FedEx' address verification service, which may suggest an alternative formatting for your address.  If you don't see any FedEx pricing, then you have probably entered an invalid address.  More often than you might expect, people will use their home zip code when entering the address for their business.  If you are sure your shipping address is correct, please contact us.