FED-STD-595C SPEC BOOK (Economy Version)

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FED-STD-595C SPEC BOOK (Economy Version)

The FED-STD-595C Specification Document, or “Spec Book” for short, is a valuable tool for anyone using the FED-STD-595 color specification.  It contains application information, numeric color data, common names for many colors in the spec, and more.  Spec Books are frequently purchased by companies facing Quality Audits to show they have an actual copy of the specification with which they claim compliance.

We offer two versions of the Spec Book:  While the Classic Plus Edition is our flagship product, this Economy version may be adequate for some users with basic needs and limited budgets.

The basic Economy Version includes an exact copy of the text and tables that were provided in the version of the Spec Book sold by GSA until January 2014, modified only to incorporate Change Notice 1.  A fan deck is included to provide color samples in lieu of the forty 8.5x11-inch pages of individually-printed color samples that were in the original GSA-version FS-595 Spec Book.

The Classic Plus Edition of FED-STD-595C includes 150+ new or extensively edited pages that update, correct and extend the original content.  These changes are
 NOT included in the Economy version the Spec Book.

In particular, Appendix-IV, the “Master Color Table” from the original GSA version of the Specification Document includes tristimulus data that is incomplete (550 colors only), riddled with transcription errors and generally of no real value.  That’s all been replaced by a set of high-precision L*a*b* measurements in the Classic Plus Edition.  (Strictly for completeness, GSA's rather-worthless tristimulus data, provided with the Economy Version Spec Document, is also included in the Classic Plus Version.)

A quick-ref chart shows what gloss levels are defined for each shade is provided in the Classic Plus Edition. 

Please note the color samples in the Fan Deck may contain small errors and are not intended for QC or Inspection purposes; that is the job of the 3x5-inch Color Chips.

In summary, those users who do not need accurate L*a*b* data or a complete list of color names may find the Economy Version of FED-STD-595C will meet their needs at a somewhat lower cost than our Classic Plus Edition.  The Economy Version Spec Book is wire bound, and a separate fan deck is provided.