FED-STD-595C CHIP SET (Complete)

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FED-STD-595C CHIP SET (Complete)

Complete collection of 650 FED-STD-595C laboratory-grade Color Chips. Each color sample is provided on a 3x5-inch card and packaged in an individual protective envelope. The full set is provided in a pair of fiberboard storage cases, suitable for bookshelf placement.

FED-STD-595C Color Chips are suitable for Quality Control and Inspection purposes, as well as precise color matching. Chips are directly traceable to the US Government's master color reference, and a Declaration of Conformity is provided for the set.  Change Notice 1 is fully incorporated.


1) Revision-C is the latest version of FED-STD-595 that is available, and it replaced Revision-B on 3/16/09. All 595B colors have been retained in 595C, and none changed in shade. 39 new colors were added.

2) Revision-B chips are obsolete and have been de-authorized for US Government applications. 595C chips MUST be used for FED-STD-595 QC Inspection purposes now, even if a manufacturing document references 595B.

3) The chips in this set are identical to the chips sold individually.

4) You may only use 595C Color Chips (either individual or from a complete set) for FED-STD-595 Quality Control and precise color matching.  The color samples in FED-STD-595C Fan Decks and Specification Document books are NOT approved by DOD for Quality Control Purposes.

5) FED-SPECS' FS-595C Chip Set incorporates Change Notice 1 -- all 650 colors are included and correctly identified.

6) Many companies facing a Quality Audit also purchase the full FED-STD-595C Specification Document, along with complete chip sets. Frequently they are required to prove actual possession of the specifications with which they claim compliance.  A money-saving bundle is available. 

7)  FED-STD-595 Chip Sets are primary color standards and may not be returned for credit after customer-delivery. We regret any inconvenience, but a "chain-of-custody" from printing through delivery is critical for the integrity of the Declaration of Conformity that is provided with this product.