FED-STD-595C SPEC BOOK (Classic Plus Edition)

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FED-STD-595C SPEC BOOK (Classic Plus Edition)

The FED-STD-595C Specification Document, or “Spec Book” for short, is a valuable tool for anyone using the FED-STD-595 color specification.  It contains application information, numeric color data, common names for many colors in the spec, and more.  Spec Books are frequently purchased by companies facing Quality Audits to show they have an actual copy of the specification with which they claim compliance.

We offer two versions of the Spec Book:  T
his Classic Plus Edition is our flagship product.  An Economy version is also offered for users with basic needs and limited budgets, .

The Classic Plus Edition is based on 
the version of the Spec Book sold by GSA until January 2014, with 174 new or extensively edited pages that update, correct and greatly extend that original content.  The Classic Plus Edition of FED-STD-595C is far more accurate, useful and complete than our Economy Version or any other version of the Spec Book previously available.  Some areas of change include:

1) Appendix-IV, the “Master Color Table,” originally included tristimulus data that was incomplete, riddled with transcription errors and generally of no real value.  That’s all been replaced by a set of high-precision L*a*b* measurements for all 650 colors.  Measurements were made on a Hunter Ultrascan laboratory-grade Spectrophotometer by Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.  RGB values for approximating FS-595 colors on a computer monitor are also provided.  (Strictly for completeness, GSA's rather-worthless tristimulus data is also provided.)

2) The original version of FED-STD-595C provided names for some colors, which can offer a useful cross-reference.  This name-list has been substantially extended in the Classic Plus Edition with color-names from numerous other federal specifications and public sources.

3) A new “Supplemental Materials” section provides a sort-by-name version of the Master Color List, a quick-ref chart to show what gloss levels are defined for each shade and a FAQ section with answers to many of the questions we’ve been asked about FED-STD-595.

4) A complete copy of FED-STD-141D is also provided, along with an unedited copy of the GSA-version FS-595C spec and a 6-page "Change Log" reflecting the modifications we’ve made.

Each Classic Plus Edition includes the 40 pages of color samples from a copy of the GSA version of the Spec Book, meaning they were individually printed under GSA supervision and arranged in a 3x10 grid pattern on 8.5 x 11-inch pages.  Please note these samples may contain small errors and are not intended for QC or Inspection purposes; that is the job of 3x5-inch Color Chips.

In summary, FED-STD-595C Classic Plus Edition is the most complete, accurate and useful version of this spec that has ever been released. Everything is provided in a 3-ring binder, and Change Notice 1 is fully incorporated.

ISBN: 978-0-9837003-1-9.