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Buy a Chip Set and Classic Plus Edition Spec Book together, and get a Fan Deck for free, a $158 savings.  This is the ultimate bundle for anyone seriously involved with the FED-STD-595C color specification.


1) FED-STD-595C Chip Set, complete with 650 FEDERAL STANDARD 595C Color Chips on individual 3x5 Cards.  Includes bookshelf storage cases and Declaration of Conformity.

2) FED-STD-595C SPEC BOOK (Classic Plus Edition), our flagship FED-STD-595C Specification Document.  This is a valuable tool for anyone using FED-STD-595, containing application information, numeric color data, common names for many colors in the spec, and more.  The Classic Plus Edition is based on original 2008 GSA version of the spec, with 174 new or extensively edited pages that update, correct and greatly extend the original content.  The Classic Plus Edition of FED-STD-595C is far more accurate, useful and complete than any other version of the Spec Book previously available.

3) FED-STD-595C FAN DECK, containing all 650 FEDERAL STANDARD 595C colors in a format that's ideal for color matching and identification.